Google nestles a Harlem Shake Easter egg in YouTube

It has been a couple weeks since Harlem Shake went famous, and you had to have been living under a rock not to have seen it. Though some of you might be groaning at the mention, tired of the body thrashing, Google doesn't share your sentiments, and has instead added a new Easter egg to its growing collection, this time involving YouTube.

Google has a fondenss for Easter eggs, having them embedded all over the place, including the Android handset in your pocket. It has added a Harlem Shake egg to its repertoire, which you can see by heading over to YouTube and searching for "Do the Harlem Shake". Don't bail too early, though, it takes a handful of seconds to get to the good part.

If you can't be bothered to look right now, what those who do will see is a series of thrashing video results accompanied by music. It lasts 30 or so seconds before the music drops and the video results go back to their regular positions. This is just one of many Easter eggs you can enjoy among Google's various products and services.

A common favorite, for example, is heading over to Google search and looking up "Do a barrel roll," which will cause the entire screen to do a 360 across your display. Android users can also pull up the Easter egg on their smartphone by repeatedly tapping the OS version number under "About Phone" in Settings. Each versions has its own little something to enjoy.

[via Android Community]