Google Nest Hub and Hub Max get improved Spanish support in US

Spanish, the second most commonly spoken language in the United States, is now more accessible on Google's Nest Hub and Hub Max smart displays. Google announced the expanded support today, noting that its smart home products can now display text in Spanish as well as English, plus they now support additional Spanish language queries and more.

Nest Hub and Hub Max users can now ask their smart device to perform an action or retrieve information en español, including telling Google Assistant to play their favorite podcast or music genre, search for information, turn on a YouTube TV channel, find recipes, or initiate video calls.

The Spanish-language queries still start with the "Hey Google" wake phrase. Users who prefer to use the Nest smart display in Spanish can enable the language by heading into the Google Assistant settings, then selecting Languages — you'll have to use the Google Home app to perform this step.

In addition to saying queries in Spanish, Google says that users can also play Loteria, a Mexican Bingo game, using the command, "Hey Google, Habla con Loteria Don Clemente." The game features a "fully-recorded game show host," as well as sound effects and music.

Beyond that, Google has also added Spanish phrases for actions like putting items on a shopping list or pulling up a camera feed, among other things. Nest Hub and Hub Max users can head over to Google's blog for the full list of changes, including a version of the announcement in Spanish.