Google Music works with Major Labels, Indy Labels, and shares galore

This week we're hearing all there is to know about the Google Music ecosystem as it exists both in the cloud and in the Android Market, not to mention inside the Google+ social network. What we're to understand thus far is that Google Music Beta, launched this summer on a limited scale, will now be open and available for everyone (in the USA thus far) for people to keep their music in the cloud completely for free. This ties in with the Google Music part of the Android Market, also open today, where users can purchase tracks and instantly have them both on their device and in the cloud where they can pin them to any device in the future. Announced with this big set of tidbits were three of the top four labels in the USA, EMI, Universal, and Sony Music.

Also included in the announcements were the rather important features of sharing and discovery. You'll be able to share the tracks you've purchased on Google+ where everyone will be able to listen to tracks once for free. You'll be able to share the tracks you buy with friends also on the Google Android Market. You'll be able to discover new music based on the library you've got right now and the music you're purchasing soon on the Android Market.

Independent labels as well as gigantic major labels will be working with Google Music from here on out, and with such a reach on each of these levels, Google may well have found a combination that has a chance to take a piece of the pie so long dominated by iTunes.