Google Music update brings save to SD card, sharing abilities

Chris Burns - Dec 5, 2013, 3:04pm CST
Google Music update brings save to SD card, sharing abilities

The Android version of the Google Music app has been updated this week to bring on several much-requested abilities to the masses. The first of these changes is the ability to download and save song files to your smartphone’s SD card. This does not mean that you’ll be able to pop the SD card out and have all the files ready to play on any device, only that you’ll be able to store your on-device files on the card itself – they need the app to play.

There’s another bit added to Google Music today that allows sharing on a level never before seen for the likes of just about every single different app you’ve got on your device. Sharing brings a simple link to everything from Dropbox to Bluetooth to Facebook and back again. Users can connect directly to songs from their own Google Music apps or the web.

The folks at Droid Life have the APK for this updated Android app and also make clear the (relatively easy) way to activate saving on your SD card. Inside Music settings you’ll find a new selection screen under Downloading – Choosing storage location will only appear with more than one option if you’ve got a microSD or SD card in your Android device.

A few user-interface changes are in store for users this week as well, riding along with Google’s next stage in design language. Instead of gray tones behind list items, you’ll find larger letters and boldness in place. Have a peek at the timeline below for more on the recent history of Google Music for all systems.

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