Google Music restricting device deauthorization

Google Music has a 10 device authorization limit, so if you review phones or flash a lot of ROMs you need to keep on top of all the devices filling up the list. Previously there was no limit on what you could deauthorize, but xda-developers forum posters are now saying that Google has placed restrictions on what you can deauthorize from your Music account. Needless to say, users aren't happy with the change.

Once you hit the 10 device limit, you can only deauthorize 4 devices per year. That's a big change from the previous method, where there was no such restriction, and it's bad news for those in the ROM community or testing lots of different Android devices. Users have reportedly been able to email Google to deauthorize devices manually, but that's a bad solution however you look at it.

It's a disappointing move for Google, usually embracing the open source community, although in this case it could possibly be a restriction requested from music companies. Tech companies have to play by the rules to be able to offer streaming and digital locker rights, so Google could simply be responded to pressure. There's no official word from the company yet though, so we'll see what happens going forward.

[via XDA-Developers]