Google Music manager gets update for downloading all your tunes

If you are using Google Music Manager, you know that it is easy, even if time consuming, to upload all your tracks to the cloud. The thing was that once uploaded if you wanted to download those songs back to another device, like a new computer or mobile, you were only able to do that one track at a time. That was tedious in the extreme.

Google has updated the Music Manager system and it now allows you to grab all your tracks at one time. That includes the ability to download tracks that you purchased on the Android Market. This is a nice new feature for sure. Being able to download all of your tracks at once will round out the features list with something that many have wanted since launch.

I like that this service will protect all the tunes I have collected over the years too. If you get a new tablet or smartphone, you can download the files to it. If your computer crashes, you still have all your music too. If you aren't using this already, it might be time to check it out.

[via Android Community]