Google moves for dismissal of digital books lawsuit

Google, as you may already know, is in deep trouble with a number of authors who don't like that the company has scanned their books into the Google Books database. The long-running lawsuit is turning seven years old this year, and now Google is asking for its dismissal after a judge refused a proposed $125 million settlement last year. The authors suing Google – backed by the Authors Guild – were granted class-action status earlier this year in May.

Google submits that the authors involved in the lawsuit don't have much a claim here because they haven't demonstrated how Google Books' online offerings, which is now comprised of more than 15 million books, have caused them any loss. In fact, Google claims that by scanning excerpts from books and putting them into an online database, the company is actually helping the authors out. The Authors Guild sticks by its claim that the company's Google Books endeavors amount to nothing more than "massive copyright infringement."

Reuters reports that the authors have until August 24 to file a response to Google's move for dismissal. Google could be dealing with more than just angry authors before long, however, as Judge Denny Chin says that graphic artists and photographers may also join the case against the company. If they do, Google could have a pretty big mess on its hands, so it's no wonder the company is making the move for dismissal. Stay tuned.