Google+ mobile web gets hot updates, tablet apps still nowhere in sight

Those of you participating in the social network known as Google+ over the past several months know that it can get quite addicting, and with the two value-added features Google has just rolled out for the mobile web version of the experience, surely the fun will increase tenfold. The new features include first the "What's Hot" category at the top of your feeds list. With this you'll be able to see the most shared and read items on Google+ at any given moment, this bringing the most popular bits in to your fingers at a single tap.

Next there's the ability to see everyone who +1'd a post in your stream. You can do several things with a post when you see it, including simply hitting the +1 button on the far left – this shows that you support, acknowledge, or enjoy the post enough to tap it, but up until now on the mobile web you were unable to see who else felt the same way. Now you can, and when you tap that button you're able to get links to each of the people who also hit it. Simple stuff!

These features will soon also launch on the Android app, the iOS app, and the basic web app as well if you don't already see them. But here's the big question: where are the tablet-based versions of these apps? It seems almost essential that this environment be on a tablet-sized devices in stand-alone app form, yet we've seen no iPad version and no Android tablet version yet. Let's have it already!

[via Tom Charytoniuk]