Google mobile search lets you pin (save) images for later

Google may have just started encroaching on Pinterest's turf. Or to be more precise, further encroaching. The search giant has just announced a new feature available to those doing image searches on Android and iOS, whatever the browser in use. Simply search for an image and, if you want to reference it later, "star" it for safe keeping. For all intents and purpose, this is the same basic functionality that Pinterest offers, minus the social aspects of course. Or at least for now.

Saving images for later reference couldn't be easier. Simply make an image search, tap on the image you find pinteresting interesting and tap on the star button. That's it. No fuss, no worries. Getting access to those images later is just as easy and you can even group related images into folders.

The latter part is again something that smells a lot like Pinterest. Google calls those collection of images, well, Collections. The keen of memory might recall that this is the very exact name that Google uses in the brand new Google+. That section was first revealed last May and was already pointed out to practically be a Pinterest ripoff back then.

It isn't clear whether saved images will actually be integrated into Google+ Collections or whether they will be synced across devices. Google does mention that signing into your Google account is required, so that might be a possibility. Considering what it might be tied into, this image search feature might even take on a social flavor, though that might still be for the future.

The Google image search saving is available on mobile web browsers, Android or iOS. However, it is currently limited to those in the US with no word yet on when it will trickle to other users around the world. Until then, Pinterest's reign remains unchallenged.

SOURCE: Google