Google Meet on Chromecast lets you use your large TV screen

It is probably no secret by now how much Google wants its nascent Meet service to become the de facto solution not just for meetings but for any video communication, including personal ones. It has been aggressively pushing Meet everywhere, including in places you might not expect or want it to be seen. Its latest push is to allow you to Meet on your large TV, or any screen for that matter, as long as it supports Chromecast or Google Cast.

Google recently turned Next Hub Max smart displays into dedicated Google Meet devices but it knows there are a lot more screens inside that home that can be turned over to its side as well. Plus, the number of Nest Hub Max owners is most likely minuscule compared to how many households have TVs or even HDMI monitors around.

With the new Meet on Chromecast functionality, you can utilize those screens to give you a literally larger view of the meeting. Of course, you're simply casting the Meet that's running on your computer or mobile device and you'll still need those for the camera and microphone. You really won't be getting away from the need for a regular Meet setup.

So what's the point, you might ask? Google is positioning this new feature as the perfect way to support distance learning. Of course, having a large screen will also benefit team meetings and goes hand-in-hand with the increased number of participants that Meet can now support.

Google is ramping up its efforts to push Meet and displace Zoom as the king of online video meetings and some of its activities and changes are ruffling people's feathers. Meet is popping up in almost all of Google's properties, even for people who aren't users or don't want to have anything to do with it. Rumors of Google's possible plans to replace the simpler Duo with Meet is only adding fanning the flames.