Google Meet now available for Glass Enterprise Edition users

Google has announced that an open beta is now available to all Google Workspace customers for Google Meet running on Glass Enterprise Edition 2. Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is a wearable device that allows workers to share a real-time view of what they see with their virtual clients or teams. Google says that service technicians, trainers, and other frontline workers have said that sharing what they see with their teams makes a difference.

Google has now announced that starting yesterday, Google Meet on Glass Enterprise Edition 2, known as Meet on Glass, is more broadly available through an open beta. Any Google Workspace customer globally can give their employees, suppliers, and partners access to what they see via Glass using a simple and intuitive Google Meet environment. Meet on Glass allows participants to experience a first-person view of the Glass wearer's perspective and collaborate with the entire video meeting in real-time.

Google says customers who have been testing the service are linking teams across geographies to collaborate on new ways to solve problems together. One company is a real estate services group called CBRE using Meet on Glass to connect employees at job sites with HQ teams and project managers. The new system allows the company and its workers to join Calendar events directly from Glass with a few taps with no signing on or scanning codes required.

Currently, Meet on Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is available for customers in North America, Europe, and Australia. In Japan, users can get Glass through a partnership with NTT DOCOMO to provide Meet on Glass directly to customers in Japan. Google says the service is one of the ways it's bringing new videoconferencing experiences to customers globally regardless of the devices they're using to connect and collaborate with their team.