Google Mary Blair doodle honors legendary animator

Though this particular Google doodle doesn't necessarily do anything all that fantastic when it comes to Web 2.0, it was and continues to be the utterly engaging artwork that Mary Blair had mastery over that continues to be the center point on this, the 100th year since she was born to this earth. If you don't recognize the style of the work that Google has replicated here, you'll certainly know the background illustrations from these classic Disney films: "Cinderella," "Peter Pan," and "Alice in Wonderland." Once again Google hits on a reminder of what was certainly a gift from beyond in this lovely artist.

Blair has also recently been honored via a lecture by the name of "Mary Blair's World of Color – A Centennial Tribute" as given at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences by a collection of big contemporary names. On the panel for this lecture were Eric Goldberg who was a supervising animator for Disney's "Aladdin" and the director of "Pocahontas," Peter Docter who was the director of the movies "Monsters, Inc" and "Up," and many more. This was not a woman who was destined to be forgotten.

Included in the gallery below is a small collection of Mary Blair works, most of them from Disney films. This sort of painting and illustration was to influence generations of artists and remains a staple in illustration teachings in design colleges today. Truly a master of her tools was Blair, and Google is good to note it! For more Mary Blair work, head to where there's loads of prints to purchase and colors to look upon.