Google Maps update saves your recent and favorite directions

Sometimes the most seemingly minimal updates can lead to the greatest user satisfaction and peace of mind. Take for example that latest change to Google Maps. How many times have you searched for directions to the same place more than once? It might not seem like something you do all the time, but think about it. You get, say, a job interview at a place downtown. You Google it immediately. Then when it comes time to actually head down there, you need to look it up again.

Well, instead of digging through your inbox or your notes, or more embarrassingly, calling up the potential employer and asking for the address again, Google will do the remembering for you. And don't worry – you don't even need to have the presence of mind to save it or "star" it or anything like that. The search giant caches the data to your Google account so even if you access it on your work computer and need to look it back up on your home PC, you're good to go.

And if you're the kind of Googler who customizes your maps with alternate directions (let's say you're like my best friend who refuses to go on toll roads), all that info is stored as well. It's the little thing that make everyone happy, right? This update may not be as big as when Google added Street View, but it's nice to always be on the road to optimization.

[via VentureBeat]