Google Maps Street View now guides you through big transit stations

Will Conley - Nov 27, 2013, 6:09pm CST
Google Maps Street View now guides you through big transit stations

As of today, Google Maps will now let you see dynamic 3D renderings of the insides of airports and train stations. The update should help guide you through some of the most directionally confusing aspects of your travels this holiday season: transit hubs. As of this moment, the growing list of locations applies to 16 major airports and 59 train and subway stations around the world, a cable car station in Hong Kong, — as well as 16 transit-related museums and points of interest and even the inside of your Emirates flight from Dubai, UAE.

The update is just an expansion of Google Maps’ long-running Street View feature. It makrs the first time you will be able to use Street View when navigating through a crowded transit station on the way to meet up with family, business associates, or otherwise. The update comes in especially handy for transit hubs you aren’t already familiar with.

A complete interactive map of all included locations is available on Google Maps. Select a category in the “Street View transit locations” info card, then click a map marker to view that location’s info card. You’ll need to zoom in manually for Street View.

You can look up your through-ports for any upcoming trips you might be taking to familiarize yourself with your visual surroundings before you get there. Are any of your upcoming through-ports on the map? Think this will make travel a bit easier and reduce stress levels?

SOURCE: Google Lat Long
VIA: IntoMobile

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