Google Maps speed trap warnings and crash reports appear in test

Brittany A. Roston - Nov 7, 2018, 2:14 pm CST
Google Maps speed trap warnings and crash reports appear in test

Google is testing new features in Google Maps that mirror offerings already available in Waze. The company is looking into both speed trap warnings and crash reports, both of which are already available in its other transportation app. Some users have access to these reports now, though it’s unclear how many people are seeing them at this time.

Waze, a transportation app, climbed in popularity due to unique features not found in competing products. Users could (and still can) report when they see a police cruiser tagging speeders, for example, giving other users a warning to slow down before they get caught. That particular feature has proven controversial with law enforcement.

In addition, Waze users are able to report crashes and similar issues on the road, enabling the app to alert other drivers of the safety risk as they approach. Google announced plans to purchase Waze back in 2013 and users have anticipated seeing features from the app migrate onto Google Maps.

Google began quietly testing the two new features at some point in the relatively recent past; it only came to light after some users spotted the new reports. One user going by “Frasmac” posted about the test on the Google Maps subreddit, where they said they’re located in Australia. Another user, also from Australia, chimed in to say that they’re also seeing the feature.

According to users who are seeing the feature, Google Maps prompts drivers to confirm whether a previously reported crash is still present when they approach the area. Users can also report a speed trap, but say they’re not given the option to confirm its presence. As with all tests, it’s possible Google won’t deploy the features for everyone. Assuming it does, there’s no indication of when they may be available.

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