Google Maps quick access buttons appear for some users

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 15, 2018, 5:41pm CDT
Google Maps quick access buttons appear for some users

Google Maps is the navigation app of choice for many people, but it’s not always the easiest to navigate. Given that Maps is used for driving, you need to be able to access your primary destinations quickly, and that’s where quick access buttons come in. These buttons are overlaid directly onto the home screen and pull up directions with a single tap.

Some Google Maps users on Android have started seeing quick access buttons for work and home addresses, according to Android Police. This feature assumes, of course, that you’ve already setup the Google Maps app with your home and work addresses.

By saving these, the app makes it easier to pull up directions to those places from wherever you happen to be located. Arguably the easiest way to get to either place is using a voice command, but if you can’t use the voice command for some reason, the new quick access buttons are the fastest way: tap one and you’re off.

The buttons appear at the bottom of the map view, one with a home icon, the other with a briefcase icon. Each icon is joined by a minute figure showing the current time it will take to navigate to the location.

It’s not a big change, but it is a very convenient one that doesn’t introduce any obnoxious design elements. The big unknown at this point is how many people have access to the feature and when Google will be rolling it out to more Maps users.

SOURCE: Android Police

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