Google Maps on iOS now shows business hours, gas prices

Almost everyone has had this experience, or nightmare navigating to a new destination. You decide to take your family or friends to a restaurant you've been hearing rave reviews about. Armed with Google Maps (or your choice of navigation), you are confident you'll reach your destination safe, sound, and, more importantly, fresh. Which you eventually do, but not in time to find out that the place closes shop at 8 p.m. If you had Google Maps' update app on your iPhone or iPad, that wouldn't have been a problem.

Google has just given the iOS version of its Maps two important features that are not directly related to mapping but are critical for what apps like Google Maps are being used for. Not just finding places but finding the most relevant and appropriate ones for your time as well as your budget.

The first is that Google Maps now not only shows you interesting facts and reviews about a place you searched for but also important information like business hours. So now you will know that the nearby Best Buy closes as 8 but that Walmart is open until much later.

The second feature is about prices. Gas prices, that is. When on the road, searching for the nearest gas station is a regular activity and sometimes a guessing game. Which ones has the best prices for which kind of fuel. Helpful when you're lunning low on both gas and cash. These details are also kept up to date, which can be vital to your journey and sanity.

The latest Google Maps for iOS should be rolling out now to everyone. You can go check if your version is 4.13.0 to be sure you have these two new big features as well as some bug fixes.

Download: Google Maps for iOS