Google Maps Lite Mode replaces classic maps on desktop

If you are one of the hoards of people that use Google Maps from your desktop computer, Google has made a big change that you need to be aware of. Google has taken the classic maps that you are used to seeing and has replaced them with a Lite mode that lacks many of the features that we have come to know from Google Maps.

Lite mode now shows up by default when you go to Google Maps on your desktop. However, there is a link on the Lite mode maps that will take you to the old style map on your desktop. When you get to the old style maps, Google does have a button that allows you to change back to full maps.

The swap to full maps will be done if your browser supports the full maps. The differences between Lite mode and full maps include these things that are missing in Lite mode: 3D imagery, Earth View, computer location, setting home and work, searching nearby, measuring distances, coordinates, draggable routes, embedding maps, and My Maps integration.

The link that will take you directly to the old Google maps is When you hit that link there is a message that says that version of maps is updating soon. Google says it switched to Lite mode to make the maps load faster.

SOURCE: Google