Google Maps lets Street View users view some business interiors

Google's Street View section of Google Maps has landed the search giant in hot water on more than one occasion. Not only have some taken offense to what they deem privacy issues with putting the photos online, the Street View fleet was also grabbing unsecured WiFi data in some areas. Google has added a new service to Street View in some areas.

The new service allows the users of Street View to trek down the streets as usual and some businesses along the way have had their interiors photographed. This allows the user to go from the street directly into the inside of the business and look around. Google isn't just sending its photographers into random stores to take photos though.

The business has to sign up to have the inside of their store photographed. Google also asks the store to warn customers that photos will be taken on that day. Google also notes that it will blur faces or just not put the photos up if people are in them. Some fear that the photos will make it easier for criminals to "case" a business before a robbery. I don't think that is a big risk for most businesses.

[via VentureBeat]