Google Maps lets shops share info about COVID-19 changes

The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has impacted a number of companies, some of which have been forced to change their hours or certain business operations as a result. Communicating these changes to their customers can be tricky, but here to help is Google Maps. According to Google, businesses can add changes and other adjustments to their profiles.

On its support website, Google informs businesses that they can adjust their Business Profile on Maps and Google Search to reflect new hours and other changes made in light of nearby COVID-19 cases. For example, if a company is reducing the number of hours or days it is open, these changes can be added to the profile so that returning and new customers are made aware of the change.

Google is also encouraging businesses to add information about any changes they make using the description field in their profile. For example, companies can alert their customers to any unique changes they may have made in response to the outbreaks, such as increased sanitation efforts.

Such information is important amid the coronavirus outbreak. Though many regions continue operating with business as usual, it is expected that the virus will spread widely across multiple European countries and the US over the next couple of weeks. Outbreaks of cases can prompt various quarantines, such as the restrictions put in place in Italy.

In addition to Google Business Profiles, companies may also use social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to share information about any business changes. Some shops and public destinations have increased the frequency of sanitation practices in light of the outbreak, in some cases also introducing hand-sanitizing stations for customers.