Google Maps hashtag support quietly appears on Android

Google has added support for hashtags to reviews posted on Google Maps. The new support enables users to tag relevant keywords in their reviews, which may then help other users find content that discusses what they are specifically interested in. Someone could tag a restaurant as being #quietandcozy, for example, or #familyfriendly.

Google launched the feature quietly last week, the company confirmed, making it available to Android users around the world. It doesn't appear hashtags are supported by the Google Maps iOS app at this time, though they should arrive in the future.

The reviews not only support hashtags, but also prompt users to add up to five hashtags whenever they publish new commentary on a location. These hashtags are positioned at the end of the published review, helping add context for users in need of info.

Hashtags have become a common component in Internet communications, having initially appeared on platforms that didn't support them as a new element of communication. Platforms like Facebook eventually added support for the tags, which can be used to quickly search through content that contains the relevant keyword.

Google Maps Local Guides can retroactively add hashtags to their old reviews, helping surface them for future users. Hashtags can be used to highlight accessibility features at restaurants, scenery or selfie quality at tourist hotspots, specific items sold by shops, and more. The support greatly enhances discovery and may pave the way for future expansions.