Google Maps gets Incognito mode on iOS and new bulk delete tool

Brittany A. Roston - Dec 9, 2019, 6:43pm CST
Google Maps gets Incognito mode on iOS and new bulk delete tool

Google has announced the arrival of an important feature in Google Maps for iOS, mirroring the same feature already made available to Android users: Incognito mode. With this, Google Maps users can bar the app from remembering certain trips and searches, preventing them from being stored in the user’s Google account. There is a potential downside to Incognito mode, however.

Incognito mode is most popular in Google Chrome; it’s the private browser that doesn’t remember search history, passwords, or other information, making it particularly useful for people who share a computer with someone else. Google Maps’ own Incognito mode works in a similar manner.

Users on iOS can now enable this feature by tapping on their profile within Google Maps, then selecting ‘Turn on’ for the new Incognito mode option. Once enabled, the app won’t remember activity performed within the app until it is turned off; the downside is, of course, that you won’t get personalization based on that activity if you forget to turn the mode off and continue using the feature.

In addition to the arrival of Incognito mode on iOS, Google has also added a new bulk deletion feature in the Timeline on Google Maps. This feature enables users to bulk delete the places they’ve visited and the routes they’ve taken, which can be shared with other people on Android.

Google says that for Google Maps users who have Location History enabled, they will receive occasional emails from Google in regards to their data that is being saved and how to manage it. The company points out that enabling Location History helps improve the Google Maps experience for everyone; among other things, Google uses that data to help users avoid road congestion and inform users about when their favorite store is busy.

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