Google Maps gains new green navigation options

Google has announced some updates to Google Maps that will give commuters sustainable navigation options. Google says its new navigation options will allow people to make greener choices when getting around. The update includes the ability to choose routes that are more fuel-efficient than others, updated biking directions, and bike and scooter sharing information directly in the Google Maps app.Google says that vehicles traveling the roads around the world produce 75 percent of all transportation CO2 emissions. That makes vehicles one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas pollution on the planet. The new Google Maps updates aims to help lower emissions. Google's new eco-friendly routing options will get users to their destination as quickly as possible and optimizes the path for lower fuel consumption.

Not only do more fuel-efficient options help people save money on gas, it also reduces pollution in the atmosphere. The update leverages AI and uses data from the Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The update is currently rolling out in the US on Android and iOS devices. Next year, Google will roll the eco-friendly routing capability out to Europe and other countries.

Google has been working to improve navigation capabilities for bicyclists via the Maps app. Over the last 12 months, the availability of biking directions has increased by up to 98 percent worldwide. A new light navigation option for cyclists allows users to see details about the route without keeping the screen on or entering turn-by-turn navigation directions.

The update gives trip progress and updates ETA information in real-time. Light navigation for cyclists will go live on both Android and iOS platforms in the coming months. Google has confirmed that bike and scooter sharing information is available for 300 cities worldwide. The bike and scooter sharing details are available in the Android and iOS app and supports multiple bike and scooter sharing companies.