Google Maps for iOS gets detours, 3D touch features

Chris Scott Barr - Mar 1, 2016
Google Maps for iOS gets detours, 3D touch features

Apple Maps has been out for ages, and while I’ve heard that the bugs have been worked out, I still don’t bother to use it. Google Maps just has too many good features that I’m used to. And speaking of new features, those iPhone 6s (and 6s Plus) owners out there, you’ll find a little something special in the latest version of the app.

If you grab the latest update for Google Maps (version 4.16.0) you’ll find a new way to utilize 3D touch. In fact, thanks to the technique, you won’t even need to open the app to tell it that you want to head somewhere. All you need to do is give the app’s icon a firm press, and it’ll start guiding you to either home or work.

iOS users will be happy to know that they’re finally getting a feature that Android owners have been using since last October. If you’re driving somewhere and being guided by Google Maps, you can now tell it to make a quick detour for gas, food, or whatever else you need.

All you need to do is tap on the magnifying glass while you’re in navigation mode. You’ll get a handy list of categories, such as gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, or coffee shops. If you select one, you’ll be shown some convenient stops along the way. If you don’t like what you see, you can also tap on “Search for more places” and search for something more specific.

Source: Google

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