Google Maps editing features released today

Google Maps apps on both Android devices and iOS devices like iPhone and iPad are receiving an update to Google Maps this week. This update will be available through Google Search as well as Google Maps, allowing users to make edits and add locations to Google Maps easier than ever before. This update will be coming to users across the United States as early as this morning.

This update includes several new buttons for adding or editing locations in Google Maps. If you're inside a location's listing – a location such as a restaurant, for example, where a user is the owner – and and they want to make an edit to the information provided, they can. They'll find the button "Suggest an edit" under open hours and phone number listing.

If a user is in a location where they know a landmark or business to be, but they see no marker as such, they'll be able to submit a location using a "Dropped Pin."

Once you Drop a Pin, you'll be asked to contribute information about a place. Offerings, Planning for visits, open hours, and etcetera. All where and when applicable.

Users are also able to "verify suggested edits from others." Sort of like you're part of a global GPS-based Wikipedia, more or less.

"For places that have pending suggestions, you'll see a notification stating that 'Someone suggested new info,'" said Nirav Mehta, Product Manager, Google Maps and Local Search.

"If you click or tap that notification, you'll have the option to verify whether the suggestion is accurate. Once enough votes are received to be confident that the suggestion is accurate, it's published to the map. This feature is available to Android users on the Google Maps app and both Android and iOS users on mobile Google Search."

Sound like it'll be a good time had by all? Let us know if you've already begun editing your environment this afternoon!