Google Maps adds new vehicle icons for Android users

Android users are finally catching up with a cool feature that iPhone users have had for a few years on Google Maps. Google has finally rolled out custom car icons for the Android version of Maps allowing users to change what the icon on the screen looks like. Rather than having the plain white circle with the blue arrow in the middle, Android users now have three other icon options.

The custom icons option has landed as part of the latest Google Maps update for Android. An option is available right now to allow Android users to choose a car, SUV, or pickup as their icon rather than the circle. All the icons are cartoonish and very generic boxing vehicles.

You don't have to download any beta software. It should be available for all users running the later versions of Google Maps, including version 10.52.2. The new icon will show up when navigating using the app, and users do have to start a new route in the app on their smartphone and then start navigation for the route.

Before you begin the route, tap the blue arrow indicating the position on the map. For those with the correct version of the app tapping the arrow will open three additional choices at the bottom of the screen to choose from. The options include a yellow SUV, green pickup, and a red sedan. Anyone who decides they don't like being a new icon can always tap it and change back.

This isn't exactly an Earth-shattering update, but it's nice for people who want to customize the way their Map app looks. Google hasn't officially announced the update, but support pages do indicate that it's available now for Maps for Android.