Google Maps adds locations of EV charge stations

If you own and drive an EV, knowing where the closest charging station for your car is could be the difference in being stranded and making it to your final destination. The problem is that in many areas knowing where those EV charge stations are can be a big challenge. Google has a new Google Maps service that will help find those charge stations.Google Maps now has the location of public charging stations in your area. To find the closest charge stations to where you will be you just need to search Google maps for "EV charging station near (your area)" and you can find all of the available stations easily. The catch is that not all of the charging stations available in an area may be listed right now.

Google says that the US DOE NREL is working to make data on public charging stations more available. As the NREL database is updated Google will update the database for Google Maps so the charging points can be found.