Google Maps 7.3 Update for Android brings UI tweaks

If you're an Android fan who uses Google Maps, the application has been updated for Android users. The new update brings Google Maps for Android to version 7.3. The update brings no major new features to the mix, but it does change how some of the information within the app is presented.

The update changes how Google Maps presents notifications. The expanded notification window now shows users not only their destination and direction, it now also shows additional information including the remaining travel time, distance, and the estimated time of arrival.

The user interface for the application was also tweaked to show the same amount of information as it did in the previous version but the info is more compact and easier to read. Several other changes were made along with the update, such as confirmation dialogs asking users if they want to discard a review without saving.

Any user who tends to fat finger and hit the back button occasionally will appreciate that feature. The application also has improved icon caching resulting in fewer quests for data from the Google Maps server, which may help save data on limited plans. There are indications that changes have been made having to do with ads, but that is unconfirmed.

SOURCE: Android Community