Google makes small gains in latest comScore search rankings

Analytics firm comScore has delivered its latest search engine rankings, and it probably isn't going to surprise you at all to hear that, for the month of September, Google remained the reigning king. The big G actually enjoyed a 0.3 percentage increase from August to September, climbing from 66.4% explicit search share to 66.7%. Others enjoyed small gains too, including Ask, which was up 0.3% itself, from 3.5% share to 3.8%.

Even AOL, which is teetering on the brink when it comes to search market share, made the tiniest of gains, rising one-tenth of a percentage point to 1.8%. Microsoft's Bing, which is Google's largest competitor, held steady between August and September 15.9%, so while it isn't a gain, it's certainly better than a loss. Sadly, the same can't be said for Yahoo, which was the only engine comScore is showing a loss for.

Between August and September, Yahoo's market share actually fell 0.6 points, dipping from 12.8% to 12.2%. It isn't the biggest loss – not by a longshot – but the struggling Yahoo needs all the help it can get in the search department. comScore says that right around 16.53 billion searches were made in September, which is down about 4% from August's 17.04 billion. Almost all of the search engines that were tracked in comScore's report suffered a decline as a result of that drop – with Yahoo in particular getting hit the hardest – but interestingly, Ask was the only one to make gains in explicit search queries, gaining 3% over August's results.

So, even though Ask is a long way away from being able to challenge Google for search share (or Bing for that matter), September was a pretty good month for it. In any case, comScore's report indicates that Google doesn't have to worry about having its title taken away any time soon, though the fact that Bing is holding steady while Yahoo is losing a small amount of market share has to be encouraging for Microsoft. Be sure to have a look at our story timeline below for more reports from comScore!