Google makes accessing Gmail on a public computer safer

If you are using gmail for your personal or business emails and have had the need to access the site on a public computer, you may have felt a bit uneasy about that. Having someone else access your account is a big problem for a lot of us. Google has unveiled a new method of accessing your account that is more secure and involves your smartphone.

Google has had a safer login process uses a two-form identification process for a while. The trusted device is your smartphone in this system, and it generates a short code needed to log in. The new system allows you to log into your Gmail account on the smartphone and then automatically logs you into the Gmail account on the computer.

You never had to enter your password details on the public terminal eliminating the worry about key loggers. Apparently, the public terminal generates a QR code on the screen that you scan with the smartphone, and then you are logged in. You will need a QR code reader for your smartphone to use the system and the Google Goggles app will work. The system apparently works with the iPhone, Android and supposedly Windows Phone too.

[via PCWorld]