Google launchs cloud-computing based Apps Marketplace

Perhaps one of the companies most prolifically embracing cloud-computing based technology, Google has just launched its Apps Marketplace, that will integrate with the Google Apps ecosystem and deliver products and services directly from the "cloud".

During tonight's Google Campfire One developer event, the Apps Marketplace went live with 50 applications available from third-party vendors, and Google has stated that it will charge 3rd-party developers $100 for selling their applications in the marketplace. The marketplace also supports OpenID to provide a single sign-on for developers, and customers are allowed access through OAuth, the open standard for authorizing users.

Google also noted that it is celebrating a recently accomplished milestone: 25 million users and 2 million businesses are now using some form of Google Apps. With this foray into more "enterprise"-based applications, both businesses as well as consumers will be able to benefit from this app market centralization, not to mention Google itself.

[via ReadWriteWeb]