Google launches go-to hub for lost phones and privacy

Let's face it, even with all the remote locking, wiping, and tracking tools in the world, when your phone gets stolen you want one simple place to handle it. Google has launched just that, and with bells on it, in the shape of My Account, a centralized hub from which device security can be managed and account passwords changed, in the case of an emergency. However, it's for more than just emergencies, with Google also using the hub as an interface for all of its personalized tools and services.

For instance, it's in My Account that advert control is found, with settings around how ads are filtered according to previous searches and interests. Location History along with Web and App Activity are also managed there.

These are all things which better personalize your experience through Google services, but which at the same time can give some privacy advocates sleepless nights about the extent of the data the search giant holds on each internet user.

My Account will also be the go-to place to handle which apps and sites currently have access to your Google accounts.

Even those without a Google account will find it of some use. There's the Privacy Checkup tool along with a Security Checkup to identify any potential weaknesses in how you're accessing the web.

Meanwhile, a second page focuses on Google's approach to Privacy, increasingly a topic of concern for many. More of an information resource than an interactive dashboard like My Account, Google Privacy essentially lays out the rights and responsibilities Google has around whatever data is shared with it.

Google has been on a roll with security and privacy options lately. Last week, at I/O, the Google ATAP team revealed Project Vault, integrating a full security computer with encryption services into a microSD card.

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