Google launches Color Enhancer browser extension for Chrome

There are millions of people around the world who use the Google Chrome browser to surf the web for work and play. The problem for some of those users is that they have some form of color blindness making it difficult to use some web pages. Google has announced a new browser extension that has been launched to help people with color vision issues.

The browser extension is called Color Enhancer and it is a customizable color filter that can be applied to all web pages viewed via the browser to improve color perception. The browser extension injects a SVG feColorMatrix filter into all web pages viewed with it with the extension running.

The settings of the browser can be customized to the user's needs by following some simple set up instructions. The set up involves choosing a row of stars in colored boxes from a set of three rows. Once you choose the row with the faintest stars, the user adjusts a slider to tweak the settings until all of the stars in the row are visible.

The browser extension has about 648 users so far, which isn't many but it only launched on May 5. Currently Color Enhancer is in version 1.12.4 and the download is a svelte 153kb.

SOURCE: Google Plus