Google Issues Android Honeycomb Developer Preview

The Android 3.0 SDK has been revealed for developers and eager wanna-be customers alike. Google has issued their non-final preview of Android 3.0's SDK. Noted "highlights" include support for multicore processors, high-quality 2D and 3D graphics, and a UI framework for building large-screen device applications. There are also new APIs for Bluetooth A2DP and HSP.

Enterprise customers will be glad to see support for encrypted storage, password expiration and email with a new two-pane UI for more comfortable browsing.

The new Honeycomb UI includes a system bar at the buttom of the display that gives global status info. There's also a top action bar for managing your apps. The larger bulk of the display is empty space, arranged as a grid for all the widgets, apps and other shortcuts you want on a device as robust as a tablet.

Over in the browser, multiple tabs allow for more comfortable full-screen navigation. Users will be able to auto-sign into Google accounts when browsing on their Android device, and Chrome bookmark syncing is supported. There will also be multitouch support for JavaScript and plugins.

The big walkthrough on the Android developers site is well worth a deeper look. We're suitably hyped up now, Google. Have your minions make with the Honeycomb tablets.

[Via Android Community]