Google Is Shutting Down Google Labs And Some Experimental Projects

Opening a new chapter with the successful launch of Google+, it looks like the search giant is closing its doors on Google Labs, which has been behind a jumble of experimental projects over the years. This move was announced in a Google blog post explaining the decision as part of CEO Larry Page's promise to put "more wood behind fewer arrows," that is to refocus the company on its most important products.

Google Labs has been the breeding ground for many fascinating and quirky products, some more successful than others. One in particular that has become an official Google product is Google Goggles, an Android app that recognizes real world objects and then identifies them for you. You can take a picture of a landmark using the app to receive more information about the place.

Some other projects include Google Scribe, which helps with writers block by suggesting words and phrases based on the structure and setup of your sentences as you write. Another more recent one is Swiffy, a web-based app that converts your Flash animation into HTML 5.

Some of these projects will get axed, while others will become official Google products. All Android apps created by Google Labs should live on and continue to be available on the Android Market. And a few may likely to be integrated into Google+.

[via Google Blog]