Google I/O Set to Kick Off May 19th; We'll be There First-Hand

4,000. That's how many developers are attending this year's Google I/O event. Although, Google would love it if more people could make it, they just don't have the space for it. Although, if you're a developer that didn't get lucky enough to go, Google's making it pretty easy for you, and the rest of the world for that matter.

This year's Google I/O will feature a live stream of the entire event, which includes two large keynotes on both days. The first keynote, on Day One, will start Wednesday, 9:00AM Pacific, and wrap up around 10:30AM. The second keynote, which takes place on the last day of the two-day event, will start Thursday, May 20th, at 8:30AM Pacific, and end around 10:00AM. As Google puts it, both keynotes feature "exciting new technologies," and we're definitely looking forward to what they've got under their sleeve.

While some rumors have it that Android 2.2, or Froyo, will be unveiled at this year's event, we're sure that that's not all Google has planned. And, if you can't make it, just head on over to the Google Developer's YouTube channel, where they'll be live streaming both keynotes. Google recommends that you watch it on a high-speed connection, but we figure that goes without saying.

And, don't forget that SlashGear is going to be there, handling all the gruesome details as they get unveiled, and bringing them here for your reading pleasure. We'd like to field your questions at this year's event, so if you're a developer who couldn't make it, or you're just curious about the announcements, leave a comment here, and our team will do their best to ask them at the event, and bring the answers back here for you.

[via Google's Blog]