Google introduces Inactive Account Manager for when you're deceased

Many of us probably wonder what will happen to our online accounts and information once we pass away one day. Then again, since we'll be dead, we won't really care, right? In any case, Google has launched what they're calling the Inactive Account Manager, which allows you to control what happens to your Google accounts after you pass away.

Inactive Account Manager comes with several options to choose from as far as what happens to your Google account data and information. You can choose to have an alert sent to a mobile phone after a certain amount of time of inactivity has passed, and you can also add up to 10 "trusted contacts," who will be given your account credentials should your account become inactive for a long period of time.

Or if you'd rather not give your Google account information to anyone, you can simply have your entire Google account deleted after a specified amount of time of inactivity has passed. Deleting your account will result in all Google data being wiped, including Blogger, Contacts and Circles, Drive, Gmail, Google+ Profiles, Pages and Streams, Picasa Web Albums, Google Voice, and YouTube.

This makes for an easy way for your loved ones to handle your digital life after you've passed away. Of course, they could easily log on to your accounts by looking up your saved passwords in the web browser settings, but not everyone saves their passwords, and many users put passwords on the computers themselves.