Google Inbox is great; here are two more awesome email apps

Google's Inbox has some great features, and can definitely make your email experience a lot easier. It also might not be right for you. It might do quite a bit, but there are also a lot of things it doesn't do. Rather than assume Inbox might solve your email woes, we suggest taking a look at a few other email apps that might actually suit you better. If you're looking to make life easier via email, it depends on your needs.


Yeah, Inbox is great — no denying that. It's also severely limited right now, and in beta. And invite only.

If you're a Gmail user — and I mean you pretty much use your personal Gmail for everything — Inbox will suit you just fine. It offers a lot of contextual nuances that can make Gmail better.

Inbox makes Gmail better, but not email. The app is very limited to Google's services right now (you can't even use a browser aside from Chrome to follow links), and is only available for personal Gmail accounts (you can't even use Google Apps accounts).

Cloud Magic

Cloud Magic has won over plenty of users. It's easy to set up, syncs across devices seamlessly, and the log-in option makes setting up a new device easier than ever (it automatically loads your accounts up).the search feature is also downright spectacular.

Cloud Magic also brings multiple account access, so those of us with multiple accounts that aren't personal Gmail accounts can take full advantage. If you like having a personal and business account (or twelve) under one roof, an app like Cloud Magic is worth a look.

If you enjoy venturing outside of your email, Cloud Magic has a feature called cards. Cards automatically scan your email for info you might want, and lets you decide what you want to do with that info. If you want to save a link to a Pocket account, Cards understands that. Want to save a contact to your MailChimp account? It can do that, too. It might not be as personally profound as Inbox's features, but they're something to check out.


There's one thing that can be said for Mailbox: it's ridiculously simple. Email, presented simply, with really easy to grasp functions. You get really easy functionality, plain and simple.

Unlike Inbox, Mailbox almost asks that you spend less time on email. Swipe to archive or discard, and even set reminders to bring the email back to your attention later on. Get in, do stuff, and get out. It's like email for ninjas.

If you don't like being slave to email, try Mailbox out. There's also a Mac client available, which makes Mailbox the only client here that can bridge the gap between office and your life outside of work.


There's no right answer when it comes to email, or apps, or even workflow. Inbox is cool, but it might not be for you. It also might be the best thing you've ever laid eyes on (whenever you get to).

If you're looking for a change of pace with your email client, there are choices. The three listed here are very different from one another, even if they all fall under the umbrella tag of "email app".