Google in talks for cheap one-day delivery scheme for online purchases

I like shopping online, but I hate shopping online too. The thing I like is that I don't have to fight the idiot masses at Walmart when I buy online. I hate having to wait a week or more to get the stuff I want though. Amazon has its Prime service that gives you faster shipping for $79 yearly and according to the Chicago Tribune, Google is looking to make a similar move. Google is said to be in talks with retailers to offer a one-day delivery service for goods purchased online.

The real trick to the one-day delivery service is that it would have to be cheap. Very few online shoppers will be willing to pay much more for faster delivery. Analysts claim that the Google move is motivated by the need to compete with Amazon. There are a lot of retailers that sell goods online that have shown interest in the Google program according to the Chicago Tribune.

The retailers in talks now are said to include Macy's, Gap, and OfficeMax. The one-day program from Google would use the existing product search feature of Google and then link the shopper directly to the retailer website to purchase. That existing search and link capability will then have shipping overseen by the Google service. The Google service would find out if the product is in stock and if it can be shipped for delivery within one day. The program would have partnerships with UPS and apparently other local courier services too.

[via Chicago Tribune]