Google HQ adds Android Ice Cream Sandwich statue [Updated with Video]

The collection of tasty statues on the front lawn of Google's headquarters now has a new addition to celebrate the upcoming Android Ice Cream Sandwich update. Originally scheduled for this week, the launch event has now been pushed back to October 19. The joint event with Samsung will be held in Hong Kong and will include the unveiling of Google's next-gen hero device, the Nexus Prime.

Google has generally uploaded videos in the past whenever they erect a new statue, such as with the Honeycomb sculpture as well as the Froyo sculpture, so there will likely be one posting soon. This new Android Ice Cream Sandwich statue has got to be the best one so far and indeed the update itself will be revolutionary for the ecosystem.

[vms 176b6dc957938c15d0c8]

Android Ice Cream Sandwich statue unboxing

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will be uniting the smartphone and tablet platforms, bringing many of its new tablet interface features, such as the multitask switcher, to its smartphone interface. For a preview of what to expect, you can check out this allegedly leaked video of an earlier build of Ice Cream Sandwich. For all the official details on the next-gen platform and the Nexus Prime, stay tuned here on SlashGear as we cover the launch event live on October 19.

[via Android Community]