Google Home now understands Spanish language commands

Google has updated its Google Home smart speaker with a new major ability: Spanish. With this, Assistant via the Google Home device can understand voice requests made in Spanish, rather than just English, greatly expanding the device's appeal for many families. The speaker doesn't jump straight to Spanish when it hears a command in that language, though. Here's how to enable the feature.

Google Home refers to Google's lineup of home smart speakers. With these, users can give Google Assistant — the company's smart personal assistant — a command sans pulling out a smartphone. Those commands cover a variety of things, including controlling supported smart home products, performing actions like starting a movie, or retrieving information like the weather.

The smart speaker already supports English, but now it can also support commands given in Spanish. To do this, though, users must first enable the language in their preferences. First launch the Google Home app, then open the Settings > Preferences menu. From there, choose "Español" as the preferred language instead of the English default.

Once enabled, you can use Google Home like normal, only with Spanish commands. This includes things like, "Ok Google, ¿cómo será mi día?" Prompting the speaker to relay the day's schedule. The support is available for the Google Home, Max, and Mini devices.

SOURCE: Google