Google Home gets step-by-step cooking instructions for 5 million recipes

Modern cooking typically involves putting a tablet in the kitchen and fumbling through the directions while trying to keep the screen clean. Google is changing that. The company has announced that it is bringing step-by-step cooking instructions to Google Home via Google Assistant, giving its users access to more than 5 million of these spoken recipes. With them, cooking is as simple as listening to the Home device.Living with Google Home

Google says the recipe cooking instructions are available courtesy of multiple publications, including Food Network, the magazine Bon Appetit, and others. Users will use their iOS or Android device to locate a recipe via Google Search or Google Assistant. Once a recipe is selected, the user then taps 'Send to Google Home.' The recipe is then shuttled to the IoT device.

The cooking instructions don't start until the user is ready, however; they need to say: 'OK Google, start cooking/recipe.' Google Assistant will first cover the ingredients required by the recipe, then will proceed to the cooking instructions on a step-by-step basis. Users can ask for a specific step's instructions or ask the Assistant to repeat the most recent instructions when necessary.

Google Home will support other questions and actions while a recipe is active. For example, users can ask for conversions like grams to ounces or tablespoons to cups without losing the cooking instructions. Google Home can also play music or set a timer while cooking instructions are underway. The video above demonstrates all of this in action.

Not familiar with Google Home? The Internet giant's somewhat new IoT device is similar to Amazon Echo and gives users voice-access to searches, other IoT devices and more. While Amazon Echo utilizes Alexa, Google Home uses the new Google Assistant, a personal assistant akin to Alexa and Siri. Google Home is available through multiple retailers, including the online Google Store for $129 USD.

SOURCE: Google Blog