Google Home can't get Arizona's time zone right: fix is inbound

If you have a Google Home device and you happen to live in Arizona, you may have noticed a weird issue when asking for the time. It seems that while Google Assistant is giving these users the correct time, they're getting it for the wrong time zone. Users report being given the correct time for the East Coast despite being in Arizona; users from other states haven't reported the same problem. Unfortunately, there's no fix at the moment.

If you've experienced this problem and Google'd for an answer, you've likely already found the slowly growing thread on the Google Home help forum, where users report having experienced this issue from the day they acquired the Google Home device. No workarounds that have been shared have been reported as useful; it seems you're stuck doing quick mental math to subtract three hours off whatever time Google gives you.

Living with Google Home

The issue isn't related to Google Home, by all accounts, especially since some users are reporting having the same issue when asking Google Assistant the current time using their smartphone. One person states that the issue may be bigger than Assistant, claiming to log out of their account, open Google on their Web browser, search for the current time, and get the results for the East Coast time zone despite being in Arizona.

Googling any other info requests in Arizona, such as the current weather, work as intended. Google has indicated on its help forum that it is aware of the issue and is looking into it; users have been encouraged to submit feedback about the issue to help the company figure out what is going on. Feedback can be sent through the Google Home app and should, per Google's instructions, including the keyword 'GHT3 – Timezone.'