Google Hangouts gets Google Docs integration

The coolest feature for many people that Google+ offers is Hangouts. Hangouts is a feature where multiple people can chat and share content via Google+ and feature is used by people in the workplace, at school, and for a myriad of other needs. Google Hangouts has a new feature that has launched that gives it a new and interesting twist that users are sure to appreciate.

The new feature is integration with Google Docs. With this integration, users at a Hangout can all collaborate on a document. I can see workgroups getting a lot of benefit from this, especially if the people are in different locations around the city or country. Google Docs is widely used by groups and users can edit together and track changes.

The users can also chat amongst each other while making communal changes to the document. To open a doc inside a hangout is easy enough to do. A docs button that you click has been added, you can then add an existing document or upload a new one. You can view uploaded documents on the left side of the window. All of the docs can be viewed by the group and edited collaboratively at the same time.

[via MarketingLand]