Google Hangouts for iOS scores animated GIFs and voice calls in latest update

On August 16, Google rolled out an update for its Google+ app for IOS, bringing with it Hangouts and Drive media access. Today another update has rolled out, this time bringing more features to the Hangouts portion of the service, among them being the ability to view animated GIFs and make voice calls to phones.

After updating, iOS users can make calls to landlines and cell phones using the Hangouts app, as well as placing calls for free within the United States and Canada. Beyond those regions, those who need to make international calls can do so for a low set rate that is charged to a prepaid pool of credit. Some positive changes have also come for Google Voice users.

Those who use Google Voice can both make and receive calls from an Apple device after pulling down this latest update. Calls that are received by Google Voice users come via the Hangouts app, but calls that are placed by users will come from the Google Voice phone number. This streamlines the mobile process quite a bit, and is convenient for those who frequently toggle between Hangouts and Voice.

Keeping in step with the call-centric changes, this update also tweaks things so that an incoming call doesn't stop music that is playing, instead causing it to fade out a bit while one determines whether they want to take the call. If the call is taken, the music goes away, and if the call is declined, the music fades back in at the full volume. Rounding out all the changes, then, is the in-line animated GIF support, as well.

SOURCE: Google+ and App Store