Google Hangouts 7.0 update gets Quick Reply (APK)

Chris Burns - Jan 27, 2016, 10:20am CST
Google Hangouts 7.0 update gets Quick Reply (APK)

This morning Google pushed their newest update to Hangouts with a feature that’ll make your replies to messages all the quicker. Quick Reply will allow Hangouts messages to not only appear within your notifications pull-down menu, but will allow you to tap the Reply button to return a message with minimal effort. Once tapped, the reply button will bring you a tiny text window in which you can send a message back in an instant. This is all available within the newest update to Google Hangouts for Android.

What’s interesting about this update is that it places Hangouts sort of “above the rim” as it were. Google continues to bring their services closer to the user, making the Android experience one that’s best utilized with Google services up front and center. This is just another example of that.

To download this update to Google Hangouts, head to your Google Play app store listing of Google Hangouts and hit the update button. If that update is unavailable to you, you can always head to APK Mirror via AP to download the app immediately.

This update includes the following feature upgrades:

• Quick reply in notification shade.
• “Save to Home screen” shortcut for quickly starting a conversation with a specific contact or group.
• Hangouts will now show a blurb about using Messenger for SMS on first run.
• Sharing dialog is no longer Holoyolo.
• Checkboxes are now toggles (moar Material).
• The font is no longer dark on dark background, and the cursor no longer light teal in the new chat dialog.

As always, exercise caution when downloading an app from any location other than the Google Play app store, and SlashGear is not responsible for the actions you take.

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