Google Grasshopper free coding app is made for beginners

Google's experimental products workshop Area 120 has released a mobile app that teaches adults how to code in JavaScript. The Grasshopper app, which is free, supports both Android and iOS, walking beginners from the very basics toward more sophisticated skills, but also helping individuals who already have some coding knowledge. The app is one of many that offer similar lessons.

A number of free services and apps offer coding education to individuals who may otherwise never learn the skills. Many of these free educational options are targeted at children, among those being ones from Google itself. Others, though, like Enki and now Grasshopper, are intended for older individuals new to the field.

Upon launch, Grasshopper prompts the user to sign into their Google account. From there, the user must choose whether they're new to coding or have existing experience. Be careful here — users report being unable to change this selection once it is made, though a future update may correct that issue.

Content is broken down into lessons that focus on specific topics, including "Fundamentals" and "Animations." Users get real-time feedback, unlock achievements, and are presented with visual puzzles to help drive home concepts. Progress is linked to the Google account used to log into the app.

SOURCE: Google Play