Google Glass update adds media upload toggle, smarter call answering

Google Glass is seeing an update roll out today, bringing in some very handy fixes for Pioneers and Explorers. Still in beta, Glass relies on user feedback to judge what needs to be fixed, and the team is clearly paying attention. Fixes to how calls are managed, photo deletion, and backup are incoming.

Glass now understands when you're wearing it and when you're not, which Google has put it to good use for call management. If you're not wearing Glass, it won't intercept phone calls anymore. Previously, a dormant pair of Glass would serve as the default hardware for a call. Now the headwear knows when it's in use, and will act accordingly, letting you answer via the phone if you wish.

Photos and videos also get some neat new functionality. You can now clear an entire timeline of your pics in a single step, freeing up a ton of space in your device memory. Users will also have the option to upload pics via WiFi or a tethered cellular signal. Prior to this update, WiFi was the only time your pics would upload, but Google is giving that choice to users, now.

If you've not seen the update, don't fret. Like all updates, it's incremental and rolling out slowly. Google did mention the update would be complete by the end of the week, though. If Monday hits and you don't have the above functionality, it might be time to get hold of the Glass team.

Source: Google+