Google Glass to get own app store in 2014

Those who have been wishing for an earlier release date for Google's popular wearable computer might indeed have to wait longer for all the necessary pieces to fall into place. A Google spokesperson has confirmed that a dedicated app store for the Google Glass won't be available until next year, so it would make very little sense to release it for public consumption before then.

Eye- and head-wear that incorporate computers and built-in displays may sound like the stuff of science fiction but is real and definitely nothing new. Google, however, is the first to attempt to make something like it available for mass consumption, causing a torrent of interest in the technology and its implications to life, privacy, and safety.

Its popularity has grown so much that companies have shown interest or even committed support for it and governments have even taken preemptive measures to regulate it ahead of its public release. People who have heard about it, seen it in action, and have been enthralled by it are quite eager to see it in stores. Some have even ventured to theorize that Google Glass will be ready for release by the end of this year, despite top Google officials pointing to a 2014 launch date.

And it seems that there are indeed valid reasons to not rush that launch, aside from ensuring the quality of the device itself. At the moment, even with developer units already in the hands of testers and other "Glass Explorers", apps for the device are not quite there yet, at least in comparison to regular Android apps. But probably most importantly, the Glass platform does not yet have an easy way to acquire apps just like Google Play Store.

Gooogle seems to be quite hush-hush on that front for now, only confirming that a separate app repository for Glass is intended for the device. There is also no word on how or when Google plans to let developers monetize on Glassware, considering the current policy is that Glass apps must be offered for free. Google is said to be working on a process for submitting apps, which could hint at an upcoming app store process. But until all that has been put in order, it would be safe to say that Glass isn't completely ready yet and still needs a bit of time to incubate.

VIA: Marketing Land