Google Glass to get new music playback features and earbuds

Google has been pushing its Google Glass augmented reality glasses for a while now. Google Glass units currently sell for $1500 each and Google has been adding new features to help people justify the price. Back in September, Google added song searching allowing users to figure out what song they're hearing along with Vignetting photos in XE9.

Today Google will be adding a new set of features to Glass allowing users new music functionality. Glass will be able to search for songs, scan saved playlists, and listen to music in high fidelity after the new features are added. Users of Glass will be able to control their music features while wearing the frames using voice commands.

After the new features are applied, when Glass starts users will have a new "listen to" voice command along with existing commands for "take a picture" and the ability to search term on Google. Using the "listen to" command Glass wearers will be able to name a song or artist and stream music through Play. Users will also be able to link their Play account giving access to playlists and song recommendations based on what they've listen to in the past.

Google is also rolling out earbuds specifically designed for Glass that will be available by the end of November. The earbuds will sell for $85. These new features are supposed to debut today but there's no specific timeframe for when the update will be available.